Staff and Ministry Leaders


Pastor Jennifer McDonald

Church Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Ostenson

Office Hours


9-12 and 1-4

Director of Children and Family Ministries

 Judy Sundeen

Director of Youth Ministry

Casey Aldinger

Lay Leader

Karen Aman

Church Council Chairperson

Garry Geroux

Stephen Ministry Leaders

Scott Krein and Lauren Sako

Stephen Ministers

Eileen Dahlmann, Carlla Maki, Rod O'Clair, Deb Schnackenberg and Jo Trenda

Certified Lay Servant Ministers

Karen Aman - Rodney O'Clair - Bonnie Ostenson - Teri Raiche - Deb Schnackenberg - Julie Wayne

Organist / Pianist

Pam Feigert, Nichola Kjelland, Karen Leistikow

Lay Members of the Dakotas Annual Conference

Deb Schnackenburg, Sherry McGuire, and Julie Wayne